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Rex, the world’s first bionic man is featured at London’s Science Museum. Equipped with a functional artificial circulatory system and blood, the humanoid can be yours for $1 million. -

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A woman uses a HUG, A woman uses a HUG, (Haptic User Geraet), during the 6th International Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics in Munich, Germany. HUG is the bimanual haptic interaction device of the DLR Robotics and Mechatronics Center, designed for training of astronauts and mechanics, rehabilitation and other tasks.

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A Virginia Tech-based robotics team, Team THOR, recently advanced in a two-year DARPA Robotics Challenge. The group is an international team of academic and private roboticists headed by Dennis Hong of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, or RoMeLa for short.

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Virginia Tech propos Virginia Tech proposed to develop THOR, a Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot, which will be state-of-the-art, light, agile and resilient with perception, planning and human interface technology that infers a human operator’s intent, allowing seamless, intuitive control across the autonomy spectrum. The team will emphasize three essential themes in developing THOR: hardware resilience, robust autonomy and intuitive operation.

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